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Mil Mi 38 sale

In 2013, the third prototype Mi – 38 has been assembled at the Kazan Helicopter Plant. The manufacturer plans to provide the Mi-38 with a new Tranzas “glass cockpit” avionics system and new composite main rotor blades. The helicopter is offered with a choice of either Klimov TV7-117V or Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127/TS turboshaft engines. The second prototype, powered by the PW127TS, made its first flight in December 2010.

The second prototype aircraft set an altitude record by reaching 8,620 meters (28,280 feet) without a payload. The Mil Mi-38 prototypes have already set five records in the E1h class. Two further records were altitude records: the first was set at 7,895 meters (25,902 feet) with a 1,000-kg (2,205-lb) payload, the second at 7,020 meters (23,031 feet) with a 2,000-kg (4,409-lb) payload. The second and third records were for climbing speed; the Mi-38 reached a height of 3,000 meters (9,843 feet) in six minutes, then followed this to reach 6,000 meters (19,685 feet) in 10 minutes and 52 seconds.

mi helicopter sale

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Mi 38 helicopters for sale available:

helicopter mi 8

Mi - 8 - MTV-1

The helicopter MI-8-MTV-1

TSN,h: 3587.00. Till next Overhaul-2000.00/8 years.
Price on request

Mi - 17 - 1V

The helicopter Mi-17-1V

TSN, h: 4 580.35. Till next Overhaul – 2 000.00/8 years.
Price on request

helicopter mi 171

Mi 8 - AMT - VIP

The helicopter Mi 8-AMT-VIP

TSN, h: 30.00 Till next Overhaul-1 970.00/8 years.
Price on request

Mi - 26

The helicopter Mi – 26

TSN, h: 1 920.00 Till next Overhaul-1 000.00/8 years.
Price on request

mi helicopter

Mi - 171 - E (Search and Rescue)

The helicopter MI-171-E (Search and Recsue)

2014 (on guarantee period)
TSN, h: 00.00 Till next Overhaul-2 000.00/8 years.
Price on request

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mil helicopter sale

The price proposals of the helicopter includes:

Shipping Worldwide

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  • Disassembly and packing in the container (if required)
  • Transportation to the destination (through the customs posts, if you want)
  • Customs payments
  • Import VAT
  • Build and fly a helicopter


Adaptation to the operating conditions

  • Technical inspection before buying
  • Training on maintenance of the helicopter
  • Optional setting

Ready documentation

  • The complete documentation
  • The certificate of ownership of the helicopter
  • Certificate of registration of the helicopter in Russia Certificate of airworthiness
  • Encoding emergency beacon

Individual approach to the order

  • The individual finding the necessary models and configurations Mi helicopter.
  • Personal meetings and negotiations with the customer.
  • Advice on choice of models and configurations under personal conditions.

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