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MI 8 is considered to be one of the most massive in the production of helicopters in the world. The MI-8 is a legendary helicopter. At the moment there are over 12000 flying units were produced. MI-8 (NATO classification name “Hip”) can be seen as one of the most successful helicopters of all time.




Mi-8MTV-1 for sale

The helicopter MI-8-MTV-1
TSN,h: 3587.00. Till next Overhaul-2000.00/8 years.
Price on request


Mi-17-1V VIP

The helicopter Mi-17-1V VIP
2016 YOM.
TSN, h: 70. Till next Overhaul - 4 000.00/8 years.
Price on request.


Mi-8-T for sale

The helicopter Mi 8-T
1991 YOM.
The Overhaul in 2016.
Price on request.


Mi-26 for sale

The helicopter Mi - 26
TSN, h: 1 920.00 Till next Overhaul-1 000.00/8 years.
Price on request


MI-171-E for sale

The helicopter MI-171-E (Search and Recsue)
2016 (brand new)
TSN, h: 00.00 Till next Overhaul-4 000.00/8 years.
Price on request

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Commercial proposal of russian helicopters Mi ( Mil ). Mil helicopters for sale. Mi helicopters for sale.

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Worldwide shipping

In agreement with the buyer value of MI could include:

  • The cost of the helicopter for commercial proposal
  • Loading in container
  • Transportation to the customer
  • Advice on Customs
  • Payment of customs payments and VAT
  • Inspection and verification of the helicopter before flight


Adaptation under operating conditions


  • Technical inspection before the sale of MI
  • Instruction for maintenance and repair of MI
  • Recompleting of MI 8
  • Advice for operation in different climatic conditions

Full documentation


  • Complete documentation package for the operation of helicopter (Logbook (resource map) and miscellaneous)
  • Certificate of ownership on helicopter registration
  • Valid certificate of airworthiness
  • Preparation and coding of emergency beacon
  • The conclusion of the DEFENSE MINISTRY of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION on the civilian use of the aircraft

Individual approach to the order


  • Some of the best prices in the world on MI
  • Individual search of the necessary model and complectation MI
  • Personal meetings and negotiations with the employer preceding the purchase of the helicopter
  • Consultations of technical experts
  • Offers helicopters before and after the Maintenance
  • Repair of helicopters on your order, if you selected resource helicopter before Maintenance

Advice on buying Mi 8

The MI-8 was used as passenger vehicles, troop carrier, vip transport, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, assault, artillery spotter and airborne command post throughout his flying history when operation of dozens of States. Even today, the MI-8 is still used as a tool for the operational level in many air forces and armies. At the time of writing this text, production of MI-8 and continues today, although over the past 40 years after it was first built on the Assembly lines of the Moscow vertoljotnogo factory under the direction of Mikhail Mil.

A brief history of the creation of MI-8.

The MI-8 was designed as a replacement for the Mil Mi-4 (NATO “Hound”), (c) piston engines. Initially had marked-8. The MI-8 transport helicopter, appeared in 1953, the year he could accommodate up to fourteen-man crew. The MI-8 used the successful developments of the MI-4, as well as one in 2700 turboshaft engine horsepower. The prototype took the name MI-8 (“HIP”) and made the first flight July 9, 1961 year. According to the results of the testing of the helicopter it was decided to use an additional second engine labeled Tv2. Later the two engines added auxiliary power unit.

The first years of production, the helicopter did not have mass distribution, but after 1967, he began to be implemented in the armed forces of the USSR and other States. Since then, dozens of modifications appear the helicopter. We can say that until 1991 year MI-8 produced hundreds of units per year, but since 1991 to 2013 year its production was halted, only repairs resource.

With the year 1991 came stagnation for development of new modifications of the helicopter. During this time, squandered chances to compete with the industrial giants Airbus, Boeing and others. Because the technology operation of helicopters made a big step forward, not only for the economy but also for comfort.

From 2013 onwards start coming on the market proposal for production of new modified MI-8.

In 2016 years appears with increased resource engines.

At the moment was for sale near 3500 units, including military helicopters, about 12000 units.

The exterior and interior of the MI-8.

The MI-8 is a utilitarian appearance. Its external geometry practically does not change from 1967 onwards. But it is convenient for the pilot of the glazing. The cockpit is equipped with handling plexiglass, which sits at the feet of the pilot so that he could control the space under the helicopter. Inside the cabin of the helicopter located the space under 24-Chairs-benches that can be redone in the VIP Salon. Passenger cabin is equipped with two sliding doors.

Tricycle landing gear landing gear not cleaned during the flight and are static. Once the prototype was released with retractable landing gear, but the option does not spread.

Rotor is designed on the principle of 5 vane rotor. Tail rotor has 3 blades.

The helicopters are equipped with fire, ice, and other modern systems.

On some versions of the helicopter is set for oxygen equipment exploitation technology in the Highlands and at high altitudes.

Some modifications have a rear ramp.

External suspension can withstand the load of 3000 to 5000 kilogram.

The crew consists of two pilots, a mechanic and Flight Explorer.

The MI-8 is equipped with two engines turbovalnymi Klimov 3 117 on TV 1950 horsepower each.

The speed of the helicopter can reach 230 kilometers per hour at cruising speed of 260 kilometers per hour. Flight radius reaches 1000 kilometers and maximum altitude ceiling varies depending on the modifications.

The cost of helicopters MI-8.

You may notice that the market offerings can provide helicopters MI-8 starting from USD 1 000 000 to 15 000 000 USD. Why such a price range? All just released in different years, different modifications of helicopters. For example, the MI-8T helicopters could cost 1 000 000 USD, while the MI-171A2 has a price of about 15 000 000 USD.

In each case, we recommend you consult with specialists that sell these helicopters and have perhaps make it a complete overhaul. Because there are times when the helicopter is in good condition has a minimum residual resource on some nodes and aggregates, but in making repairs can be a very good and advantageous offer. These helicopters will cost less than new from the factory. But have the same reliability and specifications, as well as new ones.

MI-8 for sale in Russia and in the world.

As indicated in the text of the earlier price MI 8 can be very different depending on its modifications, year of production, the residual resource and configuration. Therefore, the sale of the equipment produced with the assistance of specialists.

In order to buy MI 8 with a maximum residual resource on all units need to:

  1. Write a letter to our address in the letter indicate the region in which to operate appliances. Highlands, northern regions, other? What is the distance from the nearest service centers? In different countries may have different requirements on avionics at the helicopter.
  2. Also in the letter specify for what purposes will be operated helicopter. Whether external suspension? VIP passenger transport or salon?
  3. A new resource or helicopter you intend to purchase. If you purchase a resource the helicopter, then please specify the scope of your budget cost from helicopters 1 000 000 USD to USD 15 000 000 and you will save your time, getting information about helicopters that you getting the money. If you agree that we have come individually to your order, accurate information will help you find exactly what you need in the shortest possible time.
  4. Please indicate in the letter that you intend to operate the helicopter for civilian use. For other purposes please contact Holding Russian helicopters.
  5. Please provide accurate contact seller or its representatives.
  6. Fill, please, the letter as a formal appeal from your company. Please put signature and seal.
  7. To accelerate the search for the best deals on helicopters MI 8, please send to our address LOI (Letter of intent), the mandate to buy or ICPO. how to create this kind of hits you can learn from our experts.

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