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Mil Mi 38 for sale

Mi-38 is a Russian medium multipurpose helicopter.

The state program “the Mi-38″ is funded by the government of the Russian Federation. The Serial production will be carried out at the Kazan helicopter plant. On February 9, 2015 – certified.

Average transport & passenger helicopter Mi-38 is developed by request of civil aviation to replace the fleet-passenger Mi-8 and Mi-17. Compared with the Mi-17 helicopter Mi-38 has a more spacious passenger cabin and a more ergonomic cockpit, designed for a crew of two people. Development of the Mi-38 is conducted in the framework of joint ventures Euro-Miles”. The first step is to create a variant of the helicopter with the engine Pratt&Whitney Canada PW-127T/S. Mi-38 helicopter new generation, capable of providing new standards of comfort and safety when performing passenger and special works under category a (FAR-29).

Purpose. Mi-38 is designed to carry passengers (including VIP transport), cargo inside the cabin and on the external load, search and rescue operations, and evacuation of patients. Mi-38 has a roomy cabin, the door is a ladder on the port side and cargo sliding door on the starboard side. In the door on the starboard side can be installed on-Board winch lifting capacity up to 300 kg In the center of the floor there is a roof, which is set by the external suspension system, designed for loads up to 7000 kg of Comfortable passenger cabin 30 seats with a pitch of chairs 0,765 m and a minimum width of passage is 0.38 m In the passenger cabin provides a snack bar, office with shelves for Luggage storage, toilet. To create comfortable conditions in the cockpit and passenger cabin of the helicopter is equipped with air conditioning and ventilation. The passenger cabin is equipped with special exits and hatches for quick escape in an emergency, passengers and crew are provided with life jackets, a helicopter equipped with a life raft and emergency VHF radio, sanitary version in the passenger cabin can be placed 16 of the stretcher. Provided by the equipment of the helicopter emergency landing. Mi-38 is equipped with the latest navigation system that enables the stabilization of the angular positions of the helicopter in flight, roll, heading or altitude, engine control, transmission control operation of the hardware. Mi-38 is equipped with satellite navigation system. To display information the cockpit is equipped with color multifunction displays. Receiving radar and radio information is provided by the weather radar navigation. Mi-38 will implement technology to condition-based maintenance. Unit labor maintenance reduced compared to the Mi-8 helicopter about 2 times due to integrated systems of automated control of serviceability of avionics and engines, reducing the number of nodes lubrication.

Design. Helicopter rotor circuit has an elongated fuselage, in the “instructions which are used sandwich panels and parts from composite materials. A six-bladed sleeve rotor equipped with elastomeric bearings for mounting the rotor. The placement of the engine behind the main gearbox reduces the noise level in the cockpit and improves safety during emergency landing. The main rotor blade and tail rotor are made of stekloplastika but technology continuous winding. For protection against icing of the blade main and tail rotors, and front cost of the cockpit, the receiver air pressure and the front part of the dustproof device equipped with electrothermal protivoobledinitelnoy system. The redundant power supply system. The hydraulic system of the helicopter consists of three Autonomous system. Under the cargo floor are 6 soft fuel tanks with a total capacity 3796 HP For its ferry flight range of up to 1300 km in the cargo compartment of the helicopter can be fitted with an extra fuel tank. The chronology. Project start – 1981 presentation of the model in Le Bourget – 1989 Model – August 1991 Presentation of full-scale mock – rosaroso – 1992, the Beginning of construction of two prototypes – 1993 presentation of the finalized layout – MAX-95.

State. In 1994-1999 conducted detailed design completed construction of prototypes for static and dynamic tests. In 2001, conducted flight tests of a set of blades on the flying lab, created on the basis of the Mi-17 helicopter. In mid 2003 at the Kazan helicopter plant completed construction of a prototype N1 to begin flight tests. After conducting a production test with members of the Association will be made the decision on construction of the other prototypes, the terms certification and the beginning of serial production.

December 22, 2003, at the airport of Kazan helicopter plant made its first flight multipurpose helicopter new generation of Mi-38. It was done by test pilots of cost to them. ML.Mile Century. N.Kultanen and A. M. KLIMOV. The flight lasted 6 minutes. The next day the helicopter was demonstrated in the air officials of the Russian Federation: Vice Premier B. Salesin, General Director of “Rosaviakosmos” of th. N.Kopteva and other

Multipurpose helicopter Mi-38 can be used for the carriage of goods and passengers, including VIP, be used as a search and rescue helicopter and flying ambulance, for flights over land and waters. Mi-38 has a lot of advanced features (in particular: “glass cockpit for two pilots and a wide use of composite materials, including raw and caudal screws).


Initial the propulsion system consists of two turboshaft engines Klimov TV7-117V power on the shaft in 1753 kW (2350 HP), previously developed version with engines PW127TS company “Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Developed several variants of the Mi-38, including military auxiliary and special passenger on a 32 passenger specialized freight (freight on external cable suspension), sanitary and option for air surveillance.

24 December 2010, the second experimental model – OD-2 – new medium civil transport-passenger helicopter Mi-38 made its first long-distance flight. The Mi-38 OP-2 is equipped with a turboshaft engines PW127TS manufactured by Pratt & Whitney Canada, as well as modern avionics FLEXIBLE-38 production company Transas aviation”, which introduces the concept of “glass cockpit”.

Set of composite blades do not require replacement during the lifetime of the helicopter, unlike metal blades Mi-8 is a direct ancestor of the Mi-38.

In may 2013, the assembled third prototype OP-3, equipped with the new Russian engines TV7-117V manufactured by them. Klimov. Test flights successfully started November 12, 2013.

The fourth made the Kazan helicopter factory prototype of the Mi-38 is the last pre-production aircraft of this model. He made the first flight on 16 October 2014. OP-4 is different from OP-3 shock-resistant fuel system by Aerazur and oversized Windows. During testing, OP-3 and OP-4 is expected to receive final data required for certification and the start of production and commercial exploitation of the Mi-38. on 20 October 2014 OP-4 sent to flight tests.

Start of serial production of the Mi-38 in Kazan scheduled for 2015 At the Kazan helicopter plant is actively preparing for serial production of the Mi-38, laid the fuselage first production Mi-38.

Mi-38 is made according to the classical scheme with a 6-bladed rotor with a controlled step 4-blade X-shaped tail rotor (first used on the Mi-28) and managed by the stabilizer blades are made of fiberglass by winding, with their almost unlimited resource. Sleeve screw with elastomeric bearings. The fuselage is of semimonocoque type is made from duralumin, soft elements made of 3-ply composite panels (nose fairing, upper panel, cockpit, engine cowling, upper leaf ramp and fairing of the keel beams). In the bow under radiotransparent Radome is the weather radar. The chassis of the helicopter severity, when falling from a height of 15 m combustion of fuel are excluded.

The location of two motors for gearbox, improved aerodynamics and performance of the helicopter.

The dimensions of the cargo compartment was significantly increased: length is 8.7 m, width of 2.34 m, height: 1,82 m, the volume of 29.5 m3. Mi-38 is able to carry up to 6 tons of cargo inside the cabin and up to 7 t on the external sling. The helicopter loading of cargo is carried out by means of a ramp. Side sliding doors, on the right Board is installed winch with capacity 300 kg.

Modification Of The Mi-38
Diameter of rotor, m 21.10
The diameter of the steering screw, m 3.84
Length,m is at 25.22
Height ,m 5.56
Width, m 4.50
Weight, kg
empty 8300
normal takeoff 14200
maximum takeoff 15600
Engine type 2 GTE PW-127T/S
Power, HP 2 x 2500
Maximum speed, km/h 285
Cruising speed, km/h 275
Ferry range, km 1350
The practical range, km 820
Range, 325 km
Service ceiling, m 5200
Static ceiling, m 2500
The crew of 2 persons
Payload: 32 passengers or 5000 kg of cargo in the cabin or up to 6000 kg cargo sling

At the XIV championship helicopter sport, held from 22 to 26 August 2012 at Moscow airport Drakino, test pilots Moscow helicopter plant. Mil Mi-38 overcame tall bar at 8600 meters and set a new world record altitude for helicopters, as well as a record rate without load at a height of 3000 m for 6 minutes in class E-1h (category FAI for helicopter take-off weight from 10 to 20 tons). The Record was broken on August 15, 2013 the helicopter Mi-8MSB with TV3-117VMA-SBMV 4TH series, which rose to a height of 9150 m.


September 10, 2012 at the airport JSC “cost center them. M. L. Mil Mi-38 has established a record rise commercial cargo 1000 kg to a height of 8000 meters Crew: Alexander Klimov (commander of ekipaja), Salavat sadreev (second pilot), Sergei Seregin (Navigator), Igor Klevantsev (lead engineer).

Record lift 2000 kg height 7020 meters Crew: Salavat sadreev (crew commander), Vladimir Katanin (second pilot), Sergei Seregin (Navigator), Nikolai Soloviev (lead engineer).

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