Mil Mi-2 for sale


Mil Mi 2 for sale

In the second half of the 50th years there was a problem of replacement of the Mi-1 helicopter by newer and progressive model which became the Mi-2 helicopter. In plans of designers at first there was just a completion of old model, but for a set of the reasons the Mile design office has made the decision on development of completely new car which was projected on a basis of Mi-1. Application in the new car of two gas turbine engines what never became earlier was the most progressive decision of designers. This design of the power unit has allowed to make safer flights as at refusal of one of engines it is possible to continue flight on one worker. All these innovations were included into the new design project under the name Mi-2.

The design office of the name Mile has started design of the new unit at the beginning of 1960. S. P. Izotov has been appointed the chief designer of this helicopter. The solution of designing of such model of the helicopter really became break in helicopter engineering. Use of two engines for the power unit of the helicopter remains actual and today. Especially as the case of the helicopter remained rather easy and compact, it has led to increase of flying speed and has increased car loading capacity. The first two prototypes of this car have risen in air in the fall of 1961. Serial release of Mi-2 has begun from 65th year at the Polish helicopter plant Swidnik.

For the fact that the USSR has transferred production of the helicopter to Poland and I have helped to arrange the Mi-2 batch oriented production, employees of experimental design bureau have been handed the state awards of Poland, and chief designers of the helicopter M. L. Mil and N. S. Otdelentsev have been awarded by komandorsky crosses. Serial production of Mi-2 has been complete in 1992. For all the time of production of this model more than 5,5 thousand cars have been released.

For the first time the Mi-2 helicopter has been presented to general public in 1967 to Le Bourget at an aerospace exhibition. At the same time the helicopter has received the international code name “Hoplayt” which the NATO committee has given. The Polish manufacturers have also given this car the name “Marabou”, but it has not got accustomed.

Mi-2 since 1965 have begun to export for a cordon, but the main part of helicopters was bought by the USSR. This helicopter was also delivered to neighboring countries, on other continents, such as Africa and South America.

The fuselage of Mi-2 is presented by an all-metal design. In a superstructure which acted over a car fuselage the power unit which is presented by two gas turbine engines of the GTD-350 model has been placed. Over the power unit the radiator and the propeller of cooling are placed. The cabin of the pilot and passenger was located in nasal part of the case where there was all equipment and accumulators.


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The middle part of Mi-2 is presented by a passenger-and-freight cabin in which there was one door. In the middle of salon it was possible to place sofas for passengers or to establish auxiliary tanks for fuel. In the main tank it is possible to contain 600 liters of fuel. At passenger option in salon it was possible to place 8 people. Besides, auxiliary tanks can be suspended outside on helicopter case sides. Also there are two oil tanks which include about 12 liters of oil.

The helicopter has the external suspender to which it is possible to fix loads weighing up to 800 kg. This model of the helicopter is equipped with the winch by means of which it is possible to lift loads or to perform rescue operations. On the end of a tail beam the stabilizer which works automatically depending on a step of blades of the main screw is located.

The Mi-2 chassis consists of two main support of pyramidal type and one lobby, a makeweight was used lever type. Racks were equipped with air-cushion shock absorbers. In a winter season there was a possibility of replacement of wheels by skis.

The bearing screw of the helicopter consists of three blades which have a rectangular shape, and the back pusher propeller has only two blades. Control of a step of the main screw is exercised of special system of hydraulic boosters, but at refusal of hydraulics the pilot could resort to hand control.

The helicopter can be managed as alone, and two pilots, in the last option the control system is doubled.

There are Mi-2 helicopters for more specific tasks, in this case they are equipped with additional devices. For example, on the cars intended for agricultural works it is possible to install system of sprayers which allows to process fields chemicals. In this case auxiliary tanks for solution and a bar on which nozzles for watering are located are located.

By helicopters which are used as rescue cars the winch for rescue of the victims is installed. It is capable to lift loads weighing up to 120 kg. Mi-2 often use also for supervision over environment, for this purpose supply it with the additional special equipment.

All equipment of the Mi-2 helicopter eats the electric power from the 27 volts generator which is connected to a reducer of engines. Except the generator, there are also two accumulators which feed the helicopter with current. The greatest number of the electric power is demanded by system which prevents frosting of a fuselage of the car.

In due time the given car has been equipped with rather progressive equipment, namely it was the radio compass, the altimeter and gyrocompass.

Technical data.

Diameter of the bearing screw: 14,50m

Diameter of the rudder propeller: 2,70m

Length with the rotating screws: 17,42m

Fuselage length: 11,40m

Fuselage width: 3,25m

Height with the rotating screws: 3,70m

Weight of empty: 2372 kg

Normal take-off weight: 3500 kg

The largest take-off weight: 3550-3700

Engine: 2 GTD Klimov GTD-350

Power: 2 – 400 h.p.

Number of crew members: 1 persons.

The greatest number of passengers: 10

Speed on an echelon: 194km/h

The largest speed: 210km/h

Flying range: 580 km

Practical ceiling: 4000 m

Climb rate: 270m/min

Today the helicopter is used more than by two tens countries in all corners of the world. This model of the helicopter has perfectly proved  in the civil purposes. He became just irreplaceable assistant. This car was widely used by Aeroflot airline, it even had the specific coloring. Helicopters which worked in polar latitudes have been painted more bright colors. It has been made in order that they were more noticeable against snow and ice.

Mi-2 often used for processing of agricultural grounds. Helicopters which used for control of boundary sites have been also developed. They have been equipped with a loudspeaker. Often they were used in polar raids of ice breakers for investigation of a situation and calculation of an optimum way of the ship.

Since 1978 the helicopter of the Mi-2 model has begun to participate in the international helicopter sport championships. The last time he participated in 2005 in France.

Today in the territory of the Russian Federation more than 120 units of the Mi-2 helicopters are used, and about three hundred are operated in other countries of the former USSR. But even far abroad our country these cars continue to bear the service. All this is possible only because Mi-2 has rather big lines of operation.

There is a set of museum pieces which are in Moscow, Kiev, Ulyanovsk and even in Cottbus. In the territory of our country even monuments to the legendary Mi-2 helicopter are built.

On the design Mi-2 is a helicopter with the classical single-screw scheme and the rudder propeller. A fuselage – the all-metal semi-monocoque consisting of a cabin of crew, a passenger cabin and a tail beam. The helicopter is equipped with the three-basic not cleaning up chassis. The power unit is located in a streamline superstructure over a fuselage and consists of two GTD-350 engines (on 298 kW). The bearing system of the helicopter consists also of the three-bladed bearing propeller and the two-bladed rudder propeller. The fuel system is made by the main tank (600 l) located under a cab floor and couple of suspended tanks (on 238 l) from outer side of a fuselage.

Crew cabin two-seat. Sitting of the pilot is located at the left. In the educational and training Mi-2 version the coupled management is established, and the place of the cadet is on the right. The passenger cabin is designed for eight passengers. In need of sitting can be dismantled, making room for loads. In medical option the cabin is equipped with fastenings for four people on a stretcher.

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